About The Law Offices of Lee R. Goldberg, Esq.

Plan, execute and adjust for success with experienced business legal counsel in Southern California.

Business attorney Lee R. Goldberg, Esq. provides businesses throughout SoCal with the comprehensive legal counsel they need, and a proactive, relationship-based approach to achieving their goals.

A transactional business lawyer and outside general counsel, Lee Goldberg helps you operate and manage your company by providing a complete range of business legal services and guidance… all with preparedness as the “north star” for his approach.

Dedicated to realizing your vision for your business.

To succeed in business, companies must prepare to succeed, and have a solid plan. They also must stay prepared, have a Plan B, and adjust to new challenges and new goals. It starts with your vision for your business, but it’s achieved through corporate structuring, contracting, negotiations, strategic planning, proper compliance and documentation, IP asset development, and more.

As your business’ legal counsel, attorney Lee Goldberg brings 30 years’ experience with a wide range of business types and industries, including real estate, finance, software, marketing, retail, professional services, and more. As a result, Lee has not just a comprehensive perspective but the know-how to empower your business’ organizational commitment and success with diverse areas of practice.

Protecting your assets and limiting its liability through commitment and expertise.

For Lee Goldberg, business law is about relationships. The mission is preparedness, for which it’s essential to be committed to your vision, to your needs, and to being proactive in protecting, structuring, and managing your business assets.

As outside general counsel, Lee is personally dedicated to his clients, to the operation of their businesses, to the growth of their revenue, and to the future of their families. He gets involved in all aspects of your company. He’s also highly responsive and can handle any type of business challenge from a legal perspective. As your business attorney, Lee complements his own broad expertise with a professional network of experts. He can bring in sub-specialized legal expertise and other business professional consultants as needed, and coordinate and manage it within the overall legal and business strategy.

Empower your success with an experienced business attorney.

Protect your business and your family’s future with experienced legal counsel from the Southern California business attorney who handles all your needs with a unique level of personal commitment and knowledge none can surpass.

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